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About Keating Jewellers

David Keating entered into the jewellery business as an apprentice at the age of seventeen. Since then David has gained a repertoire for hand-making and designing high-quality jewellery with and individual flare.

1979 ‘The Stiff Little Fingers’ approached David to hand make all the band members respective instruments out of silver,  David made the members some of the depicted instruments as pendants and the rest as brooch pins. Also in the 1970’s Mick Tucker, the drummer from the band ‘The Sweet’ had a 9ct multicoloured twist torque bangle embellished with diamond set initials made.

In 1984 David was asked to make a collection of British Crowns in miniature as collector items. Detailed pictures were supplied for accuracy, as they were made under Crown copyright. They have been displayed and reproduced ever since and sold in the Tower of London. As demand from collectors grew, he was commissioned to create further models for the Europeans crown, making them for all the heads of Charlesmange. The regalia work ran from 30 years ago up to 2008.

In 1987 along with business partner Elaine Keating (his wife) opened Keating Jewellers, Wanstead. David’s reputation for creating fine jewellery has spread far beyond the Wanstead shop.

1998 David was approached by a representative of the Sultan of Brunei to make a special buckle for ceremonial occasions. The buckle was embellished with a gold plating on silver the images depicted mythical creatures in a sandy palm tree scene.

2008 was the start of David Handmade Masterworks Collection.

2011 David entered one the model from the Masterworks Collection into the Goldsmiths Design and Craftsmanship Awards and was displayed alongside the winning piece.